Released 1/31/04

Virtues&Vices is the exclusive latest new CD release from Seattle based producer/composer MRMOONLIGHT and Grammy-nominated mastering engineer Mark Guenther.

Following the success of his first album Diary of Dreams, MRMOONLIGHT once again offers 'over 60 minutes of spellbinding original music, intricately laced with
Ambient, New age and Classical melodies

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Album Reviews & Testimonials
…Sensual and arousing, a consistently engaging and relaxing record. Classy and elegant.
…Strong melodies are the standouts. Well conceived melodic structure delivered with deep supportive arrangements.
…Quite emotional and evocative. Played with the proper amount of reserve.

A very original set of work with hints of Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Enya and Chopin showing every once in awhile.
…You find yourself listening to one song, then two… next thing you realize is that Virtues&Vices has you pleasantly ushered on a captivating journey through an attractive repertoire of well-crafted songs; dynamic upbeat tunes, sensual and arousing ambient melodies, and hauntingly emotional musical scores.
…A beautiful unique blending of diverse styles of music – like no other on the market, bound to be hailed as a trend-setting first.
…The rich melodic structure, as it ebbs and flows in both flair and intensity, at times employs a single naked piano, and at others a culmination of dozens of diverse instruments all transitioning naturally from one stage to another, always in just the right touch.
…What distinguishes this album from any others of comparable genre is the meticulously well-crafted melodies and harmony structures, the shared in-depth knowledge of music theory embodying both the contemporary and the classical.

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  Virtues&Vices . 01
Hopskotch . 02
Firedancer* . 03
Hourglass . 04
Freedom . 05
Eternity (vice version) . 06
The Perfect Sound . 07
Intro . 08
Ballad . 09
Unshared Secrets . 10
The Enchantment . 11
The Teller's Story . 12
Clair de Lune . 13
Solitude . 14
Oceans Apart . 15


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(from Paris, Prague, Dublin, Las Vegas, Seattle)
included in the album.

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Purchase Information
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Tower Records

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2212 Queen Anne Ave N #811 Seattle WA 98109 

Contact Information

· Promotion · Marketing · Booking · Tour · Info: 206.755.3756



Mixed by – Brian Steel at Buttermilk Records 

Mastering – Mark Guenther at seattle disc mastering

*Firedancer poetry spoken by Shannon Knauss-Mant